Dec 26, 2017

A new Blu Cub

For the last few years we have lived the city and flying was limited to micro quads and slow fliers at the park. In June of 2017 we moved to a rural location in northern Minnesota. Our new property is roughly 10 acres which is split by a river. There is just enough space on our property to get a small park flyer sized in and out.

With that I decided to recreate the Blu Cub profile foamy that I had made and flown several years ago. However, this time I decided to keep the wing flat and add in ailerons.

For the build I decided to use waterproof foam board from Flite Test. This foam is easy to work with and the plane went together quickly. I used the old electronics from the original Blu Cub, and the with two additional 5 gram micro servos for ailerons the weight came in at just under 7 oz. Now that the kids are getting old enough to follow what's going on, we built the plane in several sessions over about a month of weekends.

Flying the plane in the backyard has proven to be great fun.  Here are a few shots.

Having a flat wing makes the plane require a fair amount control input to fly smoothly. The plane loses the gentle tendencies that it has when built with dihedral in the wing. This is hopefully just the start of several more foam planes that we'll be flying in the new backyard :)

Dec 10, 2015

Flying in Bozeman MT - Thanksgiving 2015

On our Thanksgiving trip to Bozeman, my brother-in-law offered to take me flying.  We took off mid morning and flew from Bozeman to Townsend.  The weather was beautiful and we had a good flight.
My wife captured a few photos as we flew by the house.

Visibility was great and the air was smooth :)

Nov 8, 2015

Building the Flite Test - Tiny Trainer

My oldest daughter is now six and a half and has a mild interest in the airplanes she frequently sees me flying.  Upon asking if she'd like to learn how to fly one, she jumped up and down and screamed for several seconds.  Working off that bout of enthusiasm we started looking online at different planes that might make good candidates as a training platform.  Being familiar with Flite Tests foam planes, it didn't take long to decide on the Tiny Trainer.  The tiny trainer can be built as a glider, or a powered plane.  It also has two wing designs, one is straight with ailerons and one without.  I decided to build this as a two channel glider to keep it simple.

I've assembled just one other Flite test plane, the Baby Blender.  I was considering purchasing the kit for the Tiny Trainer but after looking at the plans it didn't seem like that much foam to cut.  :)  After several evenings of cutting foam, we got started assembling the plane.  Flite Test provides a build video which is very helpful.  I utilized my phone to keep pace with the build video as I assembled things.  It makes for a very convenient way to build a plane.

All told it only took one and a half sheets of foam board and took about a week to finish.  I completed it right at her bed time but managed to sneak it up to her room so she could give it a quick look over before morning.

 The next morning we went to the hardware store and purchased purple and pink duct tape for decorating the plane.  We balanced it out before taking it to a nearby park.  She got to fly it several times before we headed home.

We now have a couple of weekends of flights on the plane, considering it has seen several hard landings it's holding up quite well.  The only issue encountered while building was getting the balance right, it took much more weight in the nose than I would have guessed.  On average flights are about 80 yards off a hard throw.

Aug 5, 2015

Flight Over Moose Lake MN - KMZH

Recently we relocated to Minnesota.  My brother-in-law flew into the area with a 172 for a family function last week, so had the opportunity to get in a few minutes of flying with him.  We also were able to take along a friend that hadn't been up in a plane before.  Was a nice evening flight, here are a few pictures.

Jan 21, 2015

Lone Star Flight Museum

After Christmas we had a few friends in town from Oregon.  We went on a mini vacation to Galveston for a few days to explore and relax.  While the women and children went and enjoyed an aquarium, my friend and I ended up over at the Lone Star Flight Museum exploring their aircraft collection.

Several of the planes are flight ready which is very cool.  The collection isn't huge but there are around 40 to 50 planes to admire.  Admission was very reasonable for a flight museum.  While I enjoyed looking at the planes, I found myself fascinated by the artwork displayed in the museums gift shop.  I would love to have one of these to hang up in my office :)

Photos of the originals taken using my iPhone 5...