Feb 16, 2009

Air Hogs R\C Airplanes

The poor mans R\C airplane is realized in Air Hogs. I've owned several of these reasonably priced little fliers, and they are nothing but fun. Air Hogs has released several different types of these little planes, but most use two pager motors, one on each wing for control. Other configuration consists of 1 or 2 motor propulsion, and a magnetic actuator for the rudder or elevator. For just $30, they are hard to pass up. I was a little skeptical as to how they'd fly, but a few flights put my skepticism to rest. Granted they do have their faults. The 27mhz band is a little sluggish for response time, which can leave you wondering if it's radio control or remote suggestion guiding the plane. Wind is another issue; these planes are not meant to fly in the wind, and if you try you'll probably have your plane blown far away. After all, they weigh next to nothing.

The planes are almost impossible to destroy. They are constructed of durable EPP foam which would bounce back from all but an encounter with a teething puppy. Also, you can find many modifications for these little birds if you do a quick Google search. The stock controller configuration requires that the throttle be on to steer the plane. I performed a simple modification I found on a forum to allow rudder control with the throttle in the neutral position. It consisted of soldiering a few diodes between components on the controller. This one quick modification will make the planes much more enjoyable to fly. If you do search for this modification, make sure you get the correct schematic for the revision of the transmitter that came with your plane.

Ultimately, Air Hogs R\C airplanes provide a great way for the masses to join into the excitement of R\C flight. For the serious hobbyist, they offer a quick, cheap, travel ready airplane. These are fun, must have little airplanes, well worth the money.
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