Feb 13, 2009

Blade CX Helicopter

The Blade CX series of helicopters from E-flite have been a big hit amongst the R\C flight community the last few years. Helicopters are notorious for being difficult to fly, but the CX has changed that. The simple fixed pitch contra rotating blades make the helicopter amazingly stable in a hover. Four channel control provides amazing maneuverability, allowing the CX to be flown in small spaces, even in your house.

I first spotted the CX on the shelf of a hobby shop, and it had immediate appeal. College classes where cramping my style, and I wasn't able to get out and fly the Mini-Ventura as much as I wanted. The CX was the obvious answer to my woes. I purchased the CX with a set of training skids and started practicing hovers. After running a few battery packs through it, I was very comfortable maintaining a hover. The fun continued from there fairly rapidly. Within a week I had removed the training skids and was flying figure eights and doing pirouettes in the back yard.

E-flite has made significant improvements since the first version of the Blade CX. The CX2 version came with a 2.4ghz transmitter which eliminates interference problems that are common on the 72mhz band. Now the Blade CX3 has been released, and can be purchased with a 2.4ghz transmitter, or as a BNF (Bind and Fly Model). Additionally, owners of the CX3 can purchase a nifty easy to install light kit. The neatest CX of them all in my opinion is the new mCX Micro CX. It is truly an indoor helicopter! It's total weight with the battery is 1 oz, and it to is offered as a BNF model.

The CX line of helicopters seems to just keep getting better and better. I would recommend these helicopters as a reasonable, fun way to get into the hobby.
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