Feb 28, 2009

Cessna Minimum at the Park

I traded a Falcoln 40 helicopter, for a Parkzone Cessna 210 Centurion on craigslist, and it was the best trade I've ever made. Admittedly, when I handed over my pristine Falcoln 40 with its polished canopy, in return for a glue encrusted little airplane in pieces in a shoebox, I had my doubts. I spent an entire evening working the Cessna into shape, and I was overjoyed to see it would actually fly!

This little airplane has become my everyday flier. It's tiny, I fly it in the vacant lot next to the house, at the park, at work, and anywhere else I feel the urge to fly. It handles a few gusts of wind, and the little 70mah batteries give flight times of about 10 minutes. On top of it all, this little micro has a nice scale look when flying.

This video is of the little Cessna fighting gusts of wind at the park.

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