Feb 18, 2009

Futaba 4EXA

The first radio I ever owned was a 4-channel Airtronics Radio with a single advanced feature, servo reversing. Servo reversing was critical as it allowed servos to be installed in any orientation that worked in the airplane. If control surfaces weren't moving in the right direction after installation, you just flipped the reversing switch. What a modern miracle! Nowadays, we have options I could not even imagine back when I got into this hobby.

In the last two years, I've gone through three radio systems.  When I purchased the Mini-Ventura, I needed a radio system as well, so I started looking for the best radio for the best price.  After much reading, I arrived at a conclusion the Futaba 4EXA with the micro flight pack would suite my needs.

The transmitter features 4 model memory, trim memory, end point adjustments, servo reversing, exponential, and a host of other nifty functions.  Eight AA batteries, in the form of a rechargeable pack, power the transmitter and give it a hefty feel. Programing the transmitters functions is fairly straight forward, and there are only three buttons to deal with. A rocker switch for +/- functionality is located on the right of the digital display, and the left side has a mode and a select button.  The transmitter lacks pizazz, its no frills.  But, in the year I used it, I never had any real technical issues with the transmitter.

As time wore on, I began to find that while this was a good entry level transmitter, it had a few drawbacks. First of I was realizing that 4-channels just isn't what it once was, I was going to need 6. And, the 4EXA only has 4 memory slots which was just not going to be enough. In the end I realized the real problem was that I was outgrowing the transmitter! I posted it on the R\C Universe classifieds and someone quickly snatched up a lightly used great little radio.
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