Feb 10, 2009

The Gentle Lady

As a young child I remember Dad selling his model airplanes so that my sisters could have orthodontic headgear so their teeth would be straight. It was upsetting to me that a he would get rid of such beautiful things as airplanes, in exchange for alien headgear for his children. Honestly, I'm still not sure I understand, I'd rather see crooked teeth than part with an airplane for the sake of vanity.

Growing older, I decided that Dad could help me get started in the model airplane hobby. He generously purchased and built a Gentle Lady glider, which would be the first airplane I would refer to as mine! The entire project, including the radio, cost a little over $400, back in the early 90's. Now you can get twice the plane for half the cost.

The glider was built over the period of a year. With the fuselage finished in red, and the wings in transparent blue, the glider was a thing of beauty to behold. Dad opted to make the Gentle Lady a powered glider by placing a Cox .049 Black Widow engine in place of the balsa nose cone. The little engine would drag the plane to what was hoped to be thermal altitude in its limited 3 minute run time.

In flight the Gentle Lady definitely lived up to her name. Gracefully floating through the air like an eagle on outspread wings, the Gentle Lady was and still is a perfect beginners airplane. Carl Goldberg Products Ltd. still manufactures the Gentle Lady in kit form, and more recently they have made it available as an ARF (Almost Ready to Fly) model.


  1. You are remembering my pain. Dad sold his Hawken Rifle for the head gear.

  2. I believe he sold his rifle and the airplanes to provide them with the funds necessary for their vain undertakings.