Feb 26, 2009

Hitec Optic 6 - Optic 6 Sport, and Spectra Modules

The Hitec Optic 6 transmitter has proven itself to be a great reasonably price transmitter. It's a 6 channel radio boasting an 8 model memory, and programmable functions for sailplanes, acrobatic planes, and helicopters. Last year Hitec released the Optic 6 Sport, which is a more economical choice for fliers who can do without the extras, things like programmable switches and dual elevator mixes. One of the most admirable features of the Optic 6 line, is its ability to use Hitecs Spectra Module. The module allows the pilot to select any one of the 50, 72mhz channels -/+ shift, to match the crystal in the planes receiver. Additionally, Hitec has recently released a Spectra 2.4ghz Module, and 2.4ghz receivers to use with the Optic 6. This brings the Hitec receivers into the 2.4ghz world that their competitors have been dominating. Hitec has a loyal following, and I'm sure they'll take a fair portion of the 2.4ghz market share. Good luck Hitec.

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