Feb 20, 2009

Multiplex Easy Glider Electric

The first Multiplex airplane I ever encountered, was a heavily dented, glue-yellowed, sad looking little airplane. I'd ran into a fellow R\C enthusiast at the local grocery store, and he was graciously showing me his latest airplane, stuffed in the back of his minivan. He's about the most crash prone pilot I've known, and this plane looked like it'd survived a few of his signature nose dive crashes. He was excitedly waving his arms, exclaiming that it bounced when crashing, and he was able to pick it up and fly again! Balsa wood doesn't bounce, and typically styrofoam cracks, so what was it constructed from? Elapor? Yes, a wonderful foam based material resilient material that accepts typical CA's, no need for foam safe glues with this stuff. And so, I had to have one.

A month later, I purchased the Easy Glider Electric by Multiplex, and I have to say it has become a favorite plane. It is a medium sized plane with a 71 inch wingspan, four channel control, and an all up weight of 35 oz. The Easy Glider Electric kit comes in a box with just a few pieces to assemble. There are two fuselage halves, two wing halves, the vertical and horizontal stabilizers, canopy and the various hardware needed to complete the plane. All the parts are keyed, and fit together perfectly. The control surfaces and hinges are molded in as part of the plane; they simply need cut to the hinge line and bent a few times to loosen them up. Aileron servos are glued into the wing, and rudder and elevator servos are glued into the body. Install the motor, mate the two halves of the fuselage together and then install the radio gear. The wings slide into the fuselage joined by a carbon fiber rod, allowing them to be taken off for transport. I worked on this project over a couple of weekends, and I took my time. Total build time was approximately 4 hours.

This airplane is aimed at beginner to intermediate fliers. While it is easy enough for a beginner to fly, I would recommend beginners seek help from an experienced pilot when flying this bird. Flights are very relaxing, the speed 400 motor has enough power to provide plenty of altitude to hunt for thermals. Even if you don't find a thermal, with the throttle chopped the Easy Glider will surprise you with its glide. I fly it with a 7 cell, 1400mah Nimh. battery and flight times range from 15 minutes in dead air to over 45 minutes with good lift. As with any other plane, take care in your landing approach, if you stall to close to the ground, you'll witness the flying brick effect. A landing like that will definitely test the durability of the Elapor, but it will do little to impress bystanders. Landing this bird is a delicate balance of keeping the nose down, the speed down, and the retrieve walking distance down.

The Easy Glider Electric has convinced me that Elapor foam is great, and that Multiplex can deliver great products for a reasonable price. I am anxiously looking forward to purchasing another Multiplex model.

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