Feb 24, 2009

Phoenix R\C Professional Model Flight Simulator

You don't have to be in the R\C aircraft hobby very long to figure out that if your flying skills are sub-par, you'll need a fat wallet to absorb the impact of your crashes. That is where a R\C flight simulator comes in handy; you can sharpen your skills, and save thousands of dollars in the process.

Several years ago now, I ran across a free R\C flight sim called Flying Model Simulator (FMS). Its a good program that will run on most any hardware setup. However, FMS has questionably unrealistic flight physics. So, with the last of my college funds, I purchased the popular RealFlight simulator version 3.0. I got the free upgrade to version 3.5. Even though my computer is far above the minimum specifications, I had to turn the graphic settings down when flying. Also the ground handling left something to be desired, no bumps on takeoff or landing! G4 was coming out, and I didn't want to spend the money upgrade but I wanted a new sim.

I ran across the Phoenix simulator and I saw a huge lists of pluses. The Phoenix sim offers free down-loadable upgrades between versions, its cheaper than Realflight, and you always use your own transmitter as the controller. My wonderfully supportive wife saw that I had my eye's on a new sim, so she bought it for me for Valentines day. And as far as simulators go, I couldn't be happier with the Phoenix sim. The graphics are superb, and my computer runs this sim without bogging down. Handling on the ground and in the air, seems very realistic. There is a multitude of airplanes and helicopters to fly, with more being continually developed. Since I've owned the sim, multiple updates have been made available, and it just keeps getting better and better. I'd give this sim five stars, I fly with it whenever I can. If your wondering what sim to get, this is the one.


  1. Does the Phoenix Sim drain the battery on your rc controller? The Realflight Simulator uses power from the computer can the Phoenix Sim do that as well?
    Jerry Jones
    RC Controlled

  2. @}errel Jones Phoenix uses your transmitter power, because it uses your actual transmitter instead of a usb based transmitter such as what comes with Realflight. If you use the dx5e which can be purchased with the sim, you will hardly ever have to change batteries, 2.4ghz is not very power thirsty...