Mar 1, 2009

My Multiplex Elapor Story - Easy Glider Crash

It was Thanksgiving Day 2008 and the visiting relatives, not bothered by the foul weather, wanted to see the Easy Glider fly. So, I headed off to the nearest flying site, a football field, brother and brother-in-law in tow.

With a gentle throw, my Easy Glider was air born, sailing skyward. After 10 minutes or so of avoiding all the obstacles around the football field, I decided to bring the plane back to good olterra firma. My competitive spirit kicked in as my brother said “I bet you can’t bring that plane right between the goal posts uprights when you land.” I started landing, aiming the plane right between the goal posts. Shortly thereafter, the plane’s left wing hit the goal post, 4” from the tip. My plane went into a spiral smacking the ground with a thud. I thought Thanksgiving was ruined.

Running over to the plane, I was relieved to find that the only damage was a little dent in the leading edge of the wing, and a broken canopy latch from the force of the impact. I popped the canopy back on and did one more quick flight, before heading home. Any other plane would have lost a wing.

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