Mar 11, 2009

Parkzone - Vapor

The Parkzone Vapor is an amazing model. With its thin film covering stretched over carbon fiber rods it looks like a strange yellow butterfly. It's light as a feather, yet strong enough to withstand a decent amount of crash abuse. Weighing in at .5 oz this little plane packs in 3 channel control and loads of fun.

Although it is really meant to be flown indoors, on calm days it is an absolute blast to fly outdoors. I've used it as a glider, taking it over the roof of the house to catch rising heat on hot days. Be careful though, this plane can get out of sight quickly!

To top it all of, this is one of Parkzone's bind and fly models, so you can link it to an existing DSM2 transmitter and your ready to fly, or purchase it with a transmitter.

It's a reasonable, resilient little plane that keeps me interested in flying it regularly. Well worth the money!

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