Mar 6, 2009

Spectrum DX6i

Airplane radios provide the vital link between the pilot and their plane. Traditionally, aircraft radios have been on the 72mhz band which has been dedicated by the FCC to the hobby. However, the last few years have brought great change with the advent of first 2.4ghz for park fliers, and eventually 2.4ghz for larger planes requiring full range use.

I loved my Hitec Optic 6 and I was patiently waiting for Hitec to come out with 2.4ghz gear, which they have finally done, but the Spectrum DX6i caught my eye! It seemed to have the right balance of functionality and affordability that I strive for in this hobby. Not being able to contain myself any longer, I sold my Optic 6 on RC Universe classifieds and used the money to purchase the Spectrum DX6i.

The DX6i is a full range computer radio that can be used for airplanes or helicopters. I'd like to highlight some of the things that I didn't realize I was missing untill I purchased this transmitter.

Model match is a great feature on this radio that keeps you from flying the wrong plane, with the wrong programming. As dumb as it may be, I grabbed the wrong airplane program on my Optic 6, I had reversed controls but somehow I got the plane down safely! Now I couldn't do with out this feature.

NiCad 8-cell rechargable battery packs for radios are pain. If your transmitter battery is low, you can forget about flying untill you charge it, unless you pack a spare, and oh yah your spare better have a charge. That's how it used to be, now with the DX6i you have options. The battery compartment opens to reveal 4 AA battery slots, which will take either rechargable batteries, or disposables. And of course the transmitter comes with a charger so you can still recharge your batteries through the controller. It comes complete with 4 NiMh batteries, and I can tell you that the battery life is incredibly long compared to all the 72mhz radios I have used.

Short, stubby, rugged, and bendable is how I'd describe the 2.4ghz antenna. No more metal fishing pole or lightning rod to deal with. No more forgetting to put your antenna up. And most importantly, no spot to clip those frequency pins.

Bind and Fly models are available to owners of the DX6i. No building, just take them out of the box, bind them to my transmitter and start flying. What's not to love.

This transmitter has liberated me from so much! Granted all is not perfect. The heat of the sun losened the plexiglass on the display, and I had to glue it back on. And I wish the flaps were on a dial not a switch. Other than that, this transmitter hasn't given me much to comlain about. I'd most definetly recommend it to anyone looking for a 6 channel 2.4ghz transmitter.

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