Apr 21, 2009

Aileron Fairings

After my rough landing with the Easy Glider, I started looking for a solution to the problem with the aileron servo control arms hanging too far down. At first I tried to find a way to shorten the control arms, but I couldn't get enough control throw. Searching on the internet yielded an interesting solution, PVC aileron fairings that would entirely cover the aileron servo arm, and pushrod. I ordered a set and then I had to find time to install them.

They come molded together on one PVC sheet and they must be cut apart. I delicately cut them apart and sanded the edges. I pondered how to attach them to the wing, and I finally decided on clear packing tape. This worked quiet well, two strips of tape on either side, and one small piece of tape on the front of the fairing supplied all the holding power needed.
Yesterday, I took it on a test flight, and landed in a field of tall grass. I inspected the planes final resting spot, and it looked like the fairings had deflected a fair amount of grass. It looks like I won't be having any more troubles with the aileron arms and stripped servos for a while.

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