May 26, 2009

Hobby Zone Super Cub

This Memorial Day weekend I got a chance to fly my brother-in-law's well used Hobby Zone Super Cub. Although small parts of the wing tips have broken off, the prop nut is missing, and the motor has a bad vibration, it still flies amazingly well. The plane is three channel, but it does fairly well in light wind. It offers scale flight characteristics and it appears that after two years of flight this plane is one tough bird.

I put in several flights over the course of two days, and I thoroughly enjoyed the flying. Thankfully my brother-in-law is an easy going generous fellow that trusts my fumble flying fingers.

May 9, 2009

Electric Flight Tote

A wide variety of flight totes are available to modelers, however, I've found that most are better suited to for large gas models. Small electrics and park flyers have a host of support equipment that just can't be organized by a few plywood dividers in small wooden flight tote. I've owned more than one wooden tote, and a few plastic toolboxes, but I never found anything that I felt really worked well. Everything always seemed disorganized, and the box never seemed quite large enough.

Finaly, I found the solution. Browsing the isles of the local hardware store, I found an electricians toolbox. This toolbox is made by Custom Leather Craft, and its made from rugged nylon canvas. It has many small pockets, large pockets, and the middle is all open. Most of the pockets are very small, which typically works well, however I removed a few stiches between pockets here and there for some larger items.
There is enough room for my transmitter case, charger, tools, spare parts, rubber bands and more. Here are a few pictures of my flight tote.