Jul 30, 2009

Parkzone Sukhoi 26m - Review

I preorderd my Parkzone Sukhoi 26m back in February, and I've waited with great anticipation the day that I could fly this little airplane. That day has come and gone, I recieved my plane on the 15th of July, and I promptly opened the box, snapped on the landing gear, charged the battery, and bound it with my transmitter.

Taking it out to the sidewalk I taxied about 5 feet, hit a small crack in the sidewalk, the prop ticked the cement and snapped off. Oh, hmm maybe that is why they include an extra prop in the box. Taking a closer look back on the work bench, there is 7/16th of an inch between the prop and the ground. That is not the best for prop clearance, but beggers can't be choosers...

I waited for a nice calm evening for the first flight, I setup my controls per the instructions on the Horizon Hobby website, put my battery in the aft position, and gave the plane a gentle toss, straight into the ground. Odd! I was pretty sure I'd thrown it up, and all the controll surfaces where working correctly... I tried again, and managed to pull it out of a dive and get it to fly, kind of, it was very wickedly twitchy! After landing, I went inside and did some research on the forums. It appeared that many people were having the same issue, and it just so happens to be c.g. related. This plane appears to be nose heavy. I immediatlely wrote to Horizon's product support folks, and I got an affirmative reply a few days later.

"Thank you for your recent email. You are correct, the Su-26 is noseheavy. If you would like the aircraft to have a more aft CG for yourpersonal fly preference, I would encourage it. Some people are movingthe PC boards back, cutting an extra channel into the plane to move thebattery back, and even adding very small tail weight."

Exactly what I'd read on the forums, but all I'd tried was the tail weight, I don't like chopping up brand new airplanes. Well, needless to say this is all slightly frustrating. However, my little airplane seemed doomed. On about it's 10th flight of the evening, after I had corrected the c.g. issue, my little plane lost its bind with my transmitter, after a flight. The rudder went into a full right position, and it was not binding, no matter what I tried. I took it back to the garage and started by pulling the batteries from the plane, and the transmitter, and then binding. This worked after 6 tries. All my control surfaces worked, except for the rudder channel, so I gingerly cut the decal on my plane and looked inside. The linear servo has a carriage that goes back and forth that the control rod connects to, this was forced to the front of the worm drive. I took the battery off and moved the gear on the front of the worm drive, it wasn't stuck at all, so I recentered my control surface by spinning the gear. Figuring that it'd be fixed, I turned on my transmitter, plugged in the battery and the linear servo ran at full tilt and a little puff of smoke emitted from the servo motor. :(

Now my plane is on its way back for repair or replacement. So far it's been a frustrating little airplane, but I'm anticipating much less problems with my next little Sukhoi!

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