Jan 4, 2010

What is with Horizon Hobby and Release Dates?

First it was the Micro Sukhoi, now its the Micro Piper Cub and 4-Site. Horizon has been struggling to post a plausible release date for these little micro airplanes. Initially, I was quite optimistic that things would get better, but that does not appear to be the case. It appears that because these little planes are made in China, shipping is the biggest holdup in getting them to the west. Our current global market is not favoring large shipping vessels, and they won’t sail till they have them packed full of goods. Americans aren’t buying said goods, so boats aren’t setting sail at a pace that would keep us in airplanes.

While Horizon may not be able to solve the wider issues related to shipping, or errors in product… It would be good if they learned to just level with the customers, and tell us it will be six months before we get their latest greatest product. Instead they dangle a carrot in front of our nose, and as each month passes, the carrot gets no closer. It might work with donkeys, hmmmm…. Maybe that is why they think it’ll work with American consumers... If they had true brilliance, they wouldn’t even tell us when a new plane was developed, they’d just wait for it to be shipped, distributed and ready for sale, then send out the advertisements. One thing is for sure, they’d have fewer customers mocking them in internet forums for not being able to pin down a release date.

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