Aug 5, 2010

The Sukhoi - Continued

After a long winter of not being able to fly the Sukhoi, the problems are all fixed, and it turns out to be a fun little airplane after all. The winter months have brought occasional nice weather here on the west coast, and it's given me the flying bug anew.
I went to the LHS and picked up the parts need to repair the linear servo that wasn't working. I carefully removed the servo board from the airplane, and flipping it over, I found a cold servo joint, and a disconnected servo motor wire. This was very annoying, here I thought the plane needed a new servo, because somehow it had gotten burned out. Horizon tech support said my tail wheel may have caught in the grass and stripped the gear... I fell for that, should have figured it'd take more than that to burn out the little motor, my micro Cessna certainly had much rougher handling than my new Sukhoi ever got and I never had a problem with the little servos. So, now after taking this thing apart, I find its crummy craftsmanship. After a few minutes of soldering, the problem was fixed and the servo was working good as new.
Now to fix the prop strike problem :) I'd read on the forums that the GWS 5040 prop with prop adapter was the hot ticket. It certainly makes this plane fly much better, and only takes a minute to install. So, now I had a prop that wouldn't strike, servos that moved, and enough lead in the tail to keep it from acting like a lawn dart, time to see how it'd fly.
I was a little nervous as I headed to the field to fly, but the jitters soon disappeared as I started calculating the wind direction and finding a spot on the track to takeoff. The plane flys much nicer with the 5040 prop, I could do loops with no problem, and general speed seemed a little faster than with the stock prop. Landings were much smoother, I could come in level with no prop strikes. Overall, I was very happy with the performance of this plane. Now that the price is down to 89.99, I would even recommend it, just buy knowing you'll be needing to modify to fly.

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