Jun 24, 2009

Why the long blog name?

Some folks have inquired why I have such a long blog name. When I went to register my blog name the short names that made sense and were easy to remember were already taken. Here is a short list of blogs that could have been mine. I encourage you to take a look at these, these folks have really done some great work.

http://modelairplane.blogspot.com/ (Apparently the guy who writes this site has more money than brains, "This is my new sit on Model Airplanes")

This list could also serve as a list of the six lamest model airplane blogs...

Hmmm! Something just occurred to me. It seems that many people have thought it would be cool to blog about model airplanes, however in practice not many folks really do it. I should be proud that I at least post something to my blog. As for the name, I might try writing to these people and see if they'll release their blog names so people who choose to actually write something can use them.

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