May 29, 2010

The final chapter of the Sukhoi

My repair to the Sukhoi appeared to have been slightly faulty. You need to more than two dabs of hot glue and two dabs of CA to hold the board in. While doing a loop, it appears that the board came disconnected and my plane went into a nose dive straight into the local high school track. The extra lead on the tail for balance didn't help any :) The plane fantastically busted into 10 pieces, which I gather up and stuffed into my pockets and headed home. I was able to glue all the little pieces of foam back together, except for the missing ones. For any holes that I had left, I used light weight spackling compound.

Now that my Sukhoi is thoroughly broken in, I figure I can fly it however I like. Not long after I started flying again, I lost a wheel, so I decided to put the good wheel into my parts drawer and make new wheels. Laminating two pieces of thin foam together with CA was easy, cutting a circle, not so easy. The wheels work quite well, even though they are not entirely round.

And now, Parkzone has realized that the original Micro Sukhoi has lots of issues, so they decided to recreate the airplane and release it as a brand new plane. The original Sukhoi is now only $69.99, making it a great deal. At the current price, I'd definitely recommend it.

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