Jun 19, 2010

X-Plane as a RC Flight Simulator

I've recently switched entirely to Ubuntu Linux as my primary operating system. Phoenix Flight Simulator has been my primary sim for the last few years, and it only runs under Windows. This got me searching for a solution to a very big problem. In the meantime, I'd been looking for a replacement to Flight Sim-X for Linux, and that is when I found X-Plane.

As far as flight simulators go, X-plane is pretty far advanced. However, for an RC fligh simulator it still lacks a few things. I tried a trainer, and a 3d
the trainer at high speed was pretty wild, and the 3d plane was almost uncontrollable. The view that seems to work best is "From the Runway" which puts yo
u at almost ground level on the center end of the runway. Problems start here when you fly to far away, there is no auto-zoom like you find in an RC sim, so keep it in close.

Here are a few shots from the sim. You'll notice that this sim does have a view to fly right from the airplane. This is nice, but it doesn't really help you get better at flying RC airplanes.

Overall, it is decent, and could help a person work on orientation etc. However, you have to find RC models on the net and install them, so your aircraft options are limited out of the box. You also will have to contend with some view issues, such as no auto zoom, and you'll have to get a non-proprietary cable so you can connect your radio. Certainly might be worth it if your running Linux, but if you have Windows, there are other great options available for a RC flight sim, and at this point in the X-Plane series, RC is not the focus.....