Nov 27, 2010

Blu-Cub 3 Channel

My goal for the rebuilt Blu-Cub was to build a lighter airplane, and to add an under-camber wing.  The original plans are from Gene Bond, who seems to have many other great foam plans on this webpage.  (click the other plan link) seems the site has some dead links.

I modified the 3D cub plans ever so slightly by cutting a curve into the top of the fuselage for the under-camber wing, extending the wing length to 31" and removing the ailerons.  I built the under-camber wing by cold rolling the foam halves over a table edge to give them some curve.  I placed a roll of duck tape under each wing tip for dihedral and then epoxied the wing halves together.

The Blu-Cub 3D called for two crutch pieces on either side of the fuselage, so for this plane I just glued two fuselage pieces together. Other than that the only major change was that I added a landing gear made from piano wire to this plane.  Weight without battery was 4.5oz and with battery it comes to about 7oz. As you might imagine, this plane flies entirely different.  It floats in for landings, has plenty of power to do loops, and it is a joy to fly.  Flight times with my 800mah battery are around 15-20 minutes.

Blu-Cub on Track

Blu Cub flexible motor mount

Blu Cub ready for take off


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    1. That motor is a TR 28-26 16A 1900Kv Brushless Outrunner from HobbyKing, I don't think they have this exact motor anymore. I would recommend something with just a little more power...

  2. On what motor you recommend instead ?