Nov 17, 2010

Blu-Cub 3D

The next plane I decided to build was determined by the electronics that I had on hand.  My battery, motor and esc combination was this, a ten amp esc, an 800mah battery, and a motor designed to be used with a plane up to 8 oz.  I found plans for the Blu-CUB 3D @ and decided this would be a good plane to build.

 There are numerous build threads online, and they all generally go the same. You cut out the foam pieces, and you glue them together with hot glue.  Control surfaces are attached with packing tape.  I used plastic control horns, and fashioned my push rods from old ones I had.  I installed the components and weighed my airplane.  It came in to 6.6 ounces without the battery - and over 8 with the battery installed.  I used 3 HS-55 servos, and this made the airplane a little bit heavier than I had intended.  Also, I used oodles of duct tape, and it all added up to a overweight flying machine.  The plane flew, but I couldn't do a roll from level flight, and flight times were fairly short.  Time to start thinking about airplane number two...  

The vacant double lot next to the house serves as my flying field.  Problem is there are trees, telephone wires, and cars driving down the street on my runway....  I flew into a tree on the tenth flight or so, then on a later flight I hit a telephone wire.  The plane would have last much longer had I not decided to not repair it.  I decided to pull it apart and build a lighter airplane.  

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