Nov 12, 2010

Cheap Foam Airplanes

Upon visiting with fellow flyers, I have been persuaded to try my hand at making my own cheap airplanes. The RC forums are loaded with instructions and encouragement for creating these planes. I spent several evenings reading the forums and learning all I could about making airplanes out of foam. The airframe of these airplanes can be made very cheaply, using insulation foam, carbon fiber, packing tape, hot glue, epoxy and all the electronic goodies that really make it fly.
At the first chance I had, I headed off to Lowe's to buy DOW Blucore or Protection Board 3, the insulation foam and main ingredient. I found Protection Boar, it comes in a bundle of 1/4" sheets. Each sheet is about 2'x4' and the total length is 50'.

Without doing any free advertising, I'll say that I was made aware of a certain Hong Kong based online RC hobby store. Finding this store has finally made this hobby somewhat affordable. I made a few orders to purchase motors, batteries, esc's, carbon fiber tubes, control horns, etc and stockpiled the goods until I had decided what plane to build.
After getting a few plans from the internet I've set in building and learning. I decided to build RC Powers Extra 300 as my first plane. I cut out the pieces, assembled it and then realized that I didn't have the right combination of esc, motor and battery to make it fly. Oops! Time to build another plane.

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