Feb 28, 2011

RC Flying on the Android Phones

While waiting for a shipment from HobbyKing, I've been entertaining myself with a new application I found on the Android Market.  After flying a few RC sims for the iOS, I was unimpressed.  What makes Leo's RC Airplane sim different is the amazing graphics, ease of use, and the fact that you can add on more airplanes.  There is a free version in the market place so you can test it on your phones hardware.  To learn more or to download Leo's simulator for PC , head over to http://www.leobueno.net/


  1. Flying rc planes has become a wonderful hobby that is open to all.RC planes are great fun and also make great gifts as they are very easy to fly and can be flown indoors. search More Information

  2. Hi Don, thanks for sharing the app. It seems to be a very interesting playing. I also write RC plane hobby topics, feel free to visit my blog on http://agmengine.blogspot.com/

  3. Well, I have to agree that this is one fun RC plane simulation :) It actually makes a great training process before you start flying the real thing. However, you still have to get faimilar with some of the basic things and here is an article that offers great tips and advices on how to choose the RC plane that best suits you http://mydronelab.com/blog/flying-rc-planes.html