Mar 30, 2011

Airplane Storage

As my number of planes grows, I'm finding that I have to use storage space more efficiently. I've always favored hanging my planes from the ceiling to get them out of the way. The problem was, when I used string to hang the models, getting them down from the ceiling could be a line tangling ordeal.

While looking on the forums one day I found an alternative solution the involves using bent wire to hang the plane.  Using wire coat hangers I was able to make a few hangers for my lighter planes.  Obviously, for a heaver plane, you'd want to use thicker wire, and fuel tubing or pipe insulation to protect your planes finish.

Using this method, I'm able to hang most of foamies in a manner that makes them easily accessible.  I'm using an inch wide nylon strap to hang my glider, as I haven't bought tough enough wire to make it a hanger.  


  1. Starting to look like a museum in there.

  2. That is a nice solution, but have you considered plane kits as well? They are easy to disasemble and you will save space. Here is an article talking about plane kits, you can find reviews of some of the best kits on the market: