Mar 23, 2011

Finishing the Extra 300

I started working on the Extra 300 back in November of 2010, and I finally got the electronics that I've been needing from HobbyKing to finish the project.  When buying items from HobbyKing, try not to order anything that is out of stock, as it will delay your shipment.

As you may recall, I got the plans for this plane from RCPowers, its one of the free planes they have posted on their site.  The plane builds quick, and the gear install is simple, just slice the foam, slide in the servos, hot glue, and stick everything else on with velcro.

Turnigy 1300mah 2 cell LiPo
Mystery 20 Amp Brushless Speed Controller
Turnigy 28-26 16amp 1900kv Brushless Outrunner
GWS DD-9050 Prop
3 - 900gram hextronic Servos
6 channel Spektrum compatible receiver

The plane flies well, except for a few issues with the structure that need addressed.  The tail twists when doing a roll, so that the plane looks like its a quarter done with the roll before the tail moves from horizontal.  To fix this on the next plane, I may double up the fuselage, in addition to the carbon fiber tube that runs the length of the fuse.

The other problem that developed was flutter of the elevator and rudder, because the pushrods weren't stiff enough.  To fix this I added two small pieces of tubbing glued to the fuselage, this took out most all of the flutter, but it still appears at the top end of the speed range.

The power system provides ample power for hovering, and flight times are around 8 - 10 minutes zipping around the sky.  Total weight comes to 9.5oz without the battery and 11.5 oz with the battery.  Overall, this has been a fun plane to build, and I'm already looking forward to a rebuild :)  This plane should help me push my flying ability, without breaking the bank account.

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