Mar 19, 2011


Over at RC Groups I ran into an interesting lightweight stick type model.  The Gym-Blu by Gene Bond.  The plane is a quick build with few parts, and everything is affixed to a stick fuselage.  The plans call for a 3/8" square stick, which I couldn't find anywhere, so I used a 3/8" dowel and its really too flexible.  I'd recommend using a 1/4" stick.   I lengthened the wing to 32" to lessen the wing loading as I knew my plane would be a little heavier.  To strengthen the wing, I heat tempered the foam with a heat gun.  It adds strength without the extra weight of carbon fiber.  The plans don't seem to have the C.G. location noted, but I've found its about 2.3" back from the leading edge of the wing, when the wing position on the plans is used.

Total weight came to 5 ounces dry, and with the battery it weighs in at 6.75 ounces.  Recommended weight for indoor flying is 5oz all up weight.  At it's current weight it still fly's quite slow and has a very shallow glide path.  I used a bottle cap motor mount hot glued to the fuse stick, a different motor mount would help save weight.    

2 -5gram Hextronic servos
12 amp speed controller 
6 channel Spektrum Compatible reciever
2 cell - 800 mah Lipo battery
1 - Turnigy 2204-14T Electric Motor
GWS DD-7035 Prop

The v-tail configuration makes this plane a little less responsive when going at lower speeds.  Be sure to keep some air moving over the tail, or controls will get soft.  Overall the plane is a great flier, very fun to fly, and fun to build as well.  

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