Mar 31, 2011

XT60 Adapter

I have only one airplane still using NiMh batteries, and it connects to the ESC using Deans connectors.  Since switching to Hobbyking for most of my supplies, I've switched over to XT60 connectors.  The NiMh's still have lots of life in them, so I want to continue using them, but I also want to try flying the plane with LiPo's as well.

The solution was to make an adapter from Deans to XT60.  I searched around and found a spare female Deans plug, and a female XT60.  Using a file, I filed the XT60 till I could get the deans to fit into it, then I soldered the two together.  Next I used hot glue to fill the gap to prevent shorting.  Last I wrapped it in electrical tape because I don't have any heat shrink big enough to do the job.  Here are the photos I snapped with my phone while making the adapter.  I'd guess you could create a similar adapter with other types of connectors as well.

Soldering the two female part together

Filling the gap with hot glue so it won't short

Wrap with electrical tape or heat shrink.  

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