Apr 30, 2011

Blu Dart - FT Flyer

One flitetest episode detailed the construction of what is commonly known as the Blu Dart, another blue foam airplane designed by Gene Bond.  This airplane has a unique design, and the design is somewhat ugly.  Past that, it's a cheap and fast airplane to build, and it has a wide flight envelope for a three channel plane.  Below are a few pictures of the plane, it's had three flight so far, and is awaiting a new set of colors from a paint can.

This plane has three issues when you go to build it.  First of all, you notice that the wing is triangular shaped and the engine firewall square with the fuselage, this creates a mismatch of parts.  To fix this, I simply cut a foam part to fill the gap, and moved the wing back about .75" from spec in the plan.  The second problem comes at the tail end of the aircraft, the vertical stabilizer is .25" thick and the fuselage tapers larger as you move away from the tail, this leaves a gap on either side of the stab.  Just be aware of this when you go to align the stab with the rest of the plane prior to gluing.  Last of all, the CG is not noted on the plans, after some reading in the forms I determined that a CG of 5.5" to 6" from the pointed tip of the wing was appropriate.  This has worked well for me, but folks have a broad range of reported CG's that they say work with this plane.

Turnigy Park 250
2 - HXT500 Servos
1 - Mystery 12 amp speed controller
1 - GWS DD-7035
2 - 30x11mm foam wheels
1 - 6 channel spectrum compatible rx