Aug 8, 2011

The Blue Wonder

A few months back, in the AMA Park Pilot publication, I saw plans for the Blue Wonder and decided it'd be the perfect first flying wing build.  You can find the plans here Blue Wonder at the AMA Park Pilot website.

The plane is an easy build however, it requires that you cut six strips of foam then cut a 45 on both edges of each strip.  That is the most time consuming part of this plane, so make sure you have good sharp blades and change half way through the strips and you'll avoid the foam carnage and issues caused by a dull cutter.

For the first power setup, I tried a Turnigy 2204-14T Electric Motor with a 10 amp speed control.  The plane is weighs in at 7 ounces with an 800mah 2 cell LiPo, yet performance was pitiful.  Using a GWS DD-7035 Prop the plane couldn't loop from level flight, and it hardly had enough power to stay airborne for more than a few minutes.

After giving it some consideration, I decided to switch power setups with my Blu-Dart, and to put the 12amp speed control and Park 250 into the Blue Wonder.  The difference was incredible, now this is the fastest plane I own, and its a blast to fly.  The elevon setup makes this plane behave very differently in flight than a ruder, aileron setup.  Test it in a wide open area before flying in tight spaces :)

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