Jan 1, 2013

Time Flies

The year of 2012 flew by fairly quickly with relatively few blog posts.  My year was spent mainly in front of a computer, writing pages of code, so I didn't have quite as much time to fly as I'd have liked.  Our family moved to Texas, into the Houston area, so as you might imagine things are a little different here than they are up in Oregon.

The house we are now renting is surrounded by trees, so flying near home is more challenging.  Thankfully there is a narrow street in front of the house, and with the miniaturization of our hobby, this provides enough clear air to fly a few things...  The lifestyle changes brought on by living in Texas, working from home and working all the time, have made the ultra-micros an indispensable part of my hangar.

So, going into 2013, I've got a back log of post's that I did not have time to complete last year...  Let's hope for more airtime in 2013.

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