Feb 17, 2013

Albatros Micro EP Tx-R

Aside from one foam glider and one balsa glider, I haven't had any airplanes from the Tower Hobbies\Great Planes brands.  With the recent release of transmitter-ready aircraft from Flyzone, I decided I'd give their ultra micros a try.  My wife bought me a Albatros for Christmas.  The shipping box is ridiculously large so I thought she bought me a larger plane :)  The plane came with an Any-Link adapter which was a promotion Great Planes ran around the holidays.

I ran into a small issue. A special cable is needed to connect to my DX7s.  Two cables come with the Any-Link, but if you're the lucky owner of a few radios, you'll need a different kind of adapter cable.   I'm  awaiting my cable in the mail now but my initial impression of the Albatros has been good.  The TX-R version of the plane only comes with a battery, 1s lipo 130 mah, and a charger. The charger has a low profile which is nice, but it does not have a charging jack for an AC outlet like the new chargers for the Parkzone models.  Also, I found the bottom battery door doesn't come off very easily which is both good and bad.

As for the airplane itself, I'm fairly impressed with the looks of it.  I can't say the foam or plastic look to be of any lesser quality than the Parkzone planes and the fit of the parts looks pretty good.  One thing about this particular plane that looks odd is the incidents of the prop thrust angle.  On a micro scale plane, having a quarter inch of down thrust in the prop looks pretty funny.  Every one that sees it asks why the nose is bent.

The plane has peaked my interested enough with its cheap price point and decent looks that I've ordered two more.  Two more ultra micros that cost me less than $100. That's pretty incredible.  The true test will be in the flying.

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