Feb 28, 2013

Evergreen Aviation Museum

In April we moved from Yamhill, Oregon to Willis, Texas.  One of the things that we miss about back home is the fantastic aviation museums that we had within a short driving distance of our house.  The first museum I'd like to mention is Evergreen Aviation Museum which is located right across the road from the McMinnville Airport.

Evergreen is an interesting collection of aircraft, much more assorted than you'd imagine and it's a private collection.  The centerpiece of it all is the Spruce Goose which is a sight to behold.  Without actually seeing the plane in person, you'll never fully be able to appreciate the immensity of the undertaking.

Recently Evergreen added a Space Museum and a water park. I believe they have plans for a hotel as well. I'm not so big on boring things like water parks but the museums are really spectacular.  Just have your wallet ready... it's not the cheapest form of entertainment.

Here is a shot I have of the museum from the air.  I took this a few years ago on a small plane departing McMinnville.  The main museum is on the left, the IMAX is in the middle and the Space Museum is on the right.

A side note:
This is not only a Museum, there also happens to be an AMA flying field right out back.  DeAlton field is worth a stop if your already at the museum. You'll most likely see several folks out flying.


Evergreen Aviation Museum from the air
A large plane parked under the wing of the HK-1

The Spruce Goose HK-1, well 1/10th of it...

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