Feb 22, 2013

Micro EP Tx-R Model's Flight Review

In my post on the Albatros ultra micro, I mentioned that I'd purchased two more.  I ended up with a Nieuport 17 and a Playmate.  One can not deny that both planes have good looks, but beauty is more than skin deep:)  After flying these ultra micros on several missions down the street and through the neighbors yard, I've discovered some things.  

First the Playmate, this plane flies great for the most part, and it is aimed at a beginner.  The unexpected and somewhat unacceptable fact is that without power, the plane has no rudder authority.  When you chop the power, your stuck going in the direction you where going when you chopped the power.  Obviously, if your headed toward something and you think your going to crash, your only option is to throttle up and hope you can turn tight enough to avoid it.

The Nieuport 17 is the first bi-plane I've flown, and as such, I'm not sure how much I can criticize, but I can say this plane is not for a beginner, and its not really intended to be an outdoor plane.  The issue I've had is that it stalls incredibly easily, and I've ended up crashing it several times just trying to fly avoid something so slowing and turning...  Once again, you have to keep some air going over the rudder, but more importantly you have to keep the speed up in the turns so you don't stall.  One not so hard crash resulted in a landing gear that pulled out of the foam, below is the fix.

Both plains are incredibly loud for ultra micros, all the noise coming from the motor gearbox.  That isn't so bad, the worst part has been flying these with my DX7s has been very annoying.  Tx-R is a great idea, and I think I'd be more apt to enjoy it, if my transmitter didn't have to have an auxiliary battery pack to power the AnyLink transmitter, the DX6i would be a simpler setup for Tx-R.  I forgot to unplug the pack from the AnyLink and sure enough I ran it dead beyond recharge-ability.   I think I'll make my own pack for it next, but still its another annoyance...  One reason I like ultra micros is because they are simple to fly, having issues with planes, radios, batteries etc is part of the hobby, but one wishes to avoid that as much as possible...

Overall, the planes don't fly terrible, but I really am not sure I'd buy another in the future...

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