Feb 27, 2013

Tillamook - NAS (Naval Air Station)

My hometown back in Oregon is fairly famous, due to the local population of cows that produce milk that the local creamery turns into all sorts of dairy based goodness, and then markets all over the world.  Tillamook Cheese, ice cream, butter, etc.  That's all good and well, but it has lost some of awesomeness due to corporate greed, and new management.  I have to say their add campaigns went from classy to trashy, and the product is on a slow downhill slide thanks to a bunch of cows living in a barn on the east side of the state.  Well probably can't blame it on the cows actually, more likely on the management.  Ha and you thought this was a blog about model airplanes!

Thankfully, the town has another redeeming quality.  It is home to what was once Naval Air Station Tillamook.  The history is quite fascinating, but you can find it all over the internet.  The quick story is the navy needed a home for K-Class blimps, so they built several bases on each coast of the U.S. with Tillamook being one of the lucky towns. 

When I was growing up, there were two blimp hangars out at the air base, sadly hangar two was lost to a fire.  Hangar one became home to one of the most unique Air Museums in the U.S.  Unfortunately, many people don't know the story of the K-Class blimps, the bases that were constructed, or that today one of them houses an impressive collection of historic aircraft.  One of the more interesting features of this museum is that many of the aircraft are still flown.  As a kid growing up it was not unusual to see old WWII planes flying overhead, made for lots of staring up at the sky.  

If your ever in the Portland, Oregon area, your only an hour away from Tillamook.  Take the time to go out and visit the museum.  


Tillamook Air Museum

An old target practice drone

A shot from inside the hangar

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