Mar 30, 2013

Parkzone Ember 2

I've started to pick up on a trend with the Parkzone airplanes, especially the ultra micros.  They make a good airplane, and then they refine it and make a great airplane, and they charge the same.  So, wait for the second version of the airplane :)

On a whim in the hobby shop, I picked up an Ember 2, got a good deal on it, otherwise I probably would not have been interested.  However, having owned a Vapor and having really enjoyed its slow flight characteristics and easy fly attitude, I had a feeling the Ember 2 would be similar.  

If you've flown a Vapor, the Ember 2 feels right at home, it doesn't fly exactly the same, but its comparable.   I'm having more fun with the Ember 2, than I had with my Vapor.  Turns out, the Vapor I had started to act up after several month and the linear servos would get really twitchy during flight.  I have a feeling it was a problem on the brick somewhere, but it was being manifest through excessive servo movement. 

I've had the Ember 2 for three months now, and it hasn't given me any problems.  Flight times are in excess of 10 minutes with a 150 mah battery.  Touch and goes are fun with this plane, but it's so light you have to carry quite a bit of power otherwise it will quickly stop after a touch...  I don't think I've ever looped the plane, nor have I rolled it. I suppose given the right conditions and with some coaxing it'd be capable of a loop, and a rudder roll but the roll would be ugly.  

On my DX7s have have both the right and left sticks set to control the rudder, and then I fly it like any other four channel.  Also, this plane was a RTF, so I got a E-Tomic transmitter with it, I've used it several times, and while it's not much of a radio, it is pretty effective for the ultra micro line.  

If you can get a deal on one, it'd be worth picking it up.

Mar 2, 2013

The Museum of Flight

As you may have noticed, recently I put up a few posts about the local aviation museums I used to frequent. I was noting while looking for pictures for those posts that we have been to several other aviation museums around the country that are of merit.  In the next few post I'll try to touch on a few of those, and then perhaps when I visit a new museum I'll keep the blog up to date.

While living in Oregon it was not uncommon to take a trip or two a year up to the Seattle area for one reason or another.  Seattle is of course home to Boeing, one of the worlds most well known aircraft manufactures.  Boeing has a great museum, called The Museum of Flight, as you might guess it has many Boeing aircraft, but thankfully they let a few of their competitors store some of their old planes there as well.

This is another museum that is well worth the time, effort and money to go and see.