Mar 2, 2013

The Museum of Flight

As you may have noticed, recently I put up a few posts about the local aviation museums I used to frequent. I was noting while looking for pictures for those posts that we have been to several other aviation museums around the country that are of merit.  In the next few post I'll try to touch on a few of those, and then perhaps when I visit a new museum I'll keep the blog up to date.

While living in Oregon it was not uncommon to take a trip or two a year up to the Seattle area for one reason or another.  Seattle is of course home to Boeing, one of the worlds most well known aircraft manufactures.  Boeing has a great museum, called The Museum of Flight, as you might guess it has many Boeing aircraft, but thankfully they let a few of their competitors store some of their old planes there as well.

This is another museum that is well worth the time, effort and money to go and see.


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