Aug 10, 2013

AS3X Ultra Micros - Carbon Cub & Spitfire

I've had a Blade mSR X heli for about a year now.  Horizon introduced the mSR X as a fixed pitch helicopter without a fly-bar, and it has an amazing amount of stability due to the 3-axis stabilization system Horizon calls AS3X.  Over this last year, AS3X has made its way into more and more of the ultra micro lineup.

A few weeks back I picked up a crashed Carbon Cub, and a brand new Spitfire and the local hobby shop.  After flying both a few times I have to say that AS3X does indeed help with the wind.  We are currently living on Lake Conroe here in Texas, and it's as if the wind never stops blowing.  AS3X smooths out some of the bumps caused by the wind, and makes flying in windy conditions a much pleasanter experience.  

The crashed Carbon Cub was a good deal, and I'm glad I got a pre-crashed one, saved me some crying.  The flaps default to the gear switch on Spektrum radios, on or off.  My DX7s has a three position switch for flaps, and it took several calls to Horizon before someone finally found the correct combination of radio settings to reroute the flaps to the three position flap switch. In case someone else is trying to figure this out, the key is to set the wing type to 2 ailerons, 1 flap, and then to set the default flap switch position to -100%.

I flew my Carbon Cub before I had the flaps sorted out and turning on the flaps caused the plane to do a loop close to the ground and to crash.  Be careful with those flaps till you figure out how to fly the plane, it is a little tricky to use the flaps.

Both planes are quite fun to fly, and I have to say that now I'll probably only buy ultra micros that have AS3X.

Aug 3, 2013

Tx-R (Transmitter Ready) Airplanes - The verdict!

Back in February I posted about a getting two more Tx-R airplanes.  In retrospect that was probably a mistake.  The final story is that if you don't have a radio that the AnyLink adapter can draw power from, Tx-R with AnyLink is a real pain.  To the point that I did not ever feel like flying any of my planes with AnyLink.  For folks that use Tactic radios Tx-R is probably great.  The fact of the matter is, if you already own a Spektrum Radios, its allot easier to just buy BNF airplanes from Horizon.

I put all my Tx-R micro airplanes up for consignment at the local hobby shop, and bought a few more Horizon micros...