Jan 11, 2014

Carbon Cub - Use the flap switch for the flaps Dx7s - DX8

On radios equipped with the three position flap switch, using it instead of the default gear switch is a nice improvement you can make when flying the Carbon Cub.  I struggled to figure out how to program this, and had to contact Horizon to get the exact instructions.  In my Carbon Cub post I did mention this, but here are the exact instructions.

Select wing type DUAL AILE / SINGLE FLAP  (the AUX1 channel is simply ignored by the receiver) (***Do Not! change the receiver programming to AUX1 for dual aile/flaperon). 

This will force the FLAP system to the GEAR channel. 
Then set the NORM position to -100% (yes, that minus 100%)
The MID position can be set to a position of your choosing for take off flaps

The LAND position can then be set to 100% … *** Do Not! exceed 100% (actually never do this on any linear servo)

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