Feb 8, 2014

Fun Cub - Flight Review

The Fun Cub flies beautifully.  Trimming the model required only a few clicks of trim.  With the power setup I used take off performance ranges from scale at 1/3 throttle with a notch of flaps to unrealistic vertical performance at full throttle.
The plane required almost four ounces of lead in the tail to get it to balance, but it flies and more importantly, it lands easily.  Take the time to properly balance your Fun Cub.  I originally planned to paint the plane, but I'm glad I didn't. The kit decals give great visibility in the air and were alot easier to put on than paint.  I've been flying at the local school on the football field.  The huge tundra tires handle the short grass with ease. 
I'd heard of people having issues with vibration, but my plane certainly has no such issues.  Build it carefully and it will treat you right.
This truly is a Fun Cub.  

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