Apr 19, 2014

Parkzone Piper Archer - RTF

Recently, I picked up the Parkzone Piper Archer from the local hobby shop.  This plane has a pretty incredible price point. Currently it's about $130 for the ARF version.  They only had RTF version in stock so that's what I got.  The transmitter with the RTF version has a trainer port, which is something lacking in many of the older 4 channel 2.4ghz transmitters that came with other Parkzone planes.

Now that we have another child, I can't easily fit the Fun Cub in our van.  The Archer fits nicely behind the back row of seats, nose down in a Styrofoam cooler.  The plane is a nice size, not too big, not too small...

The plane required a small amount of modification to suit my needs.  The 2 cell 1300mah battery and the speed controller had the standard Horizon Hobby battery connectors.  I replaced those with XT60 plugs that I have on the rest of my planes.  The cockpit has a clever latching mechanism which uses the aerial as the latch button.  Problem is, the area they give you to put the battery inside the plane is incredibly small and you have to have the wires lined up just right or you can't get the cockpit back on the plane.  To help with this, I removed about a quarter inch of foam from the bottom of the cockpit.  The last modification I made was the addition of a small plastic skid on the bottom of the tail.  The plane is very light in the nose and if you hit a bump or feed in up elevator too early you'll drag the tail.

The wheels are fairly small and don't provide much prop clearance.  I've taken off and landed on short mowed grass and it works okay...  Take off from the grass a few times and it will look like you spray-painted portions of the wing green :)

Overall this has proven to be a very fun plane.  It flies great, is easy to transport and looks great too. Parkzone has a winner with the seldom modeled Archer.


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