Dec 28, 2014

Proto-X: The Original Nano Quadcopter

A good friend of mine gave me a Proto-X Quadcopter.  I've really enjoyed flying my Blade Nano QX so I was excited to see how the Proto-X would fly. It turns out that it's every bit as, if not more fun to fly than the the Nano QX.  The quad is only 1.8" in size. It's quite diminutive when compared with the larger Nano QX.  Mine is white but the quad comes in several different colors.

The controller that comes with the Proto-X is very small as well. It's so small that if you have very large hands it may be a bit challenging to use.  The transmitter is set up in standard mode 2 fashion with throttle and yaw on the left stick and pitch and roll on the right.
Red LED lights on each rotor boom, plus two blue ones in the front help with orientation.  Flight times are around 5 to 6 minutes with my flying style and recharging is easy with the included USB charger.  I've been very impressed at how easy this quad is to fly considering its tiny size. You can learn more at the Proto-X site.